5 ways to free yourself from the well-meaning criticism of your loved ones, so that you can more easily pursue your dream

Not everybody has the kind of support network in place that encourages them to follow their heart.

When you choose to pursue your dreams, especially when it comes to the work you choose to do in the world, you may find that your family members see your possible career path a little differently.

When you tell them you want to become a life coach for example, they may say things like:

  • “Play it safe.”
  • “Where are the benefits?”
  • “Don’t get your hopes up.”
  • “Get a good job, stay as long as possible, and work hard until you retire.”

Having strong family ties can mean that there’s an extremely powerful pull to please your family and do well by them.

If this sounds familiar, you most likely have been raised to be a loyal member of your family – and that’s a WONDERFUL thing!

This article is for you if you’re feeling called to become a life coach, or to chase any dream that your family might not understand, and you worry that your family won’t be supportive of this career path.

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When Life Coach Criticism Comes From Family Members, This is What You Need to Know

Try to keep the following in mind when faced with adversity and criticism from family and friends.

criticism from family

1. If you feel judged by your family, appreciate that they are coming from a place of love

Your family cares about you and wants you to be safe and secure. Their intentions in criticizing you may be pure!

However, it’s often their own worries and problems they are most likely bringing to the table, not yours.

Keep in mind that, to them, life coaching is probably a new concept and they’ve most likely never had an opportunity to meet or know a successful life coach.

Sometimes there’s just no changing the way someone looks at your decisions and actions (at least, for now), but know this: You CAN choose how you react to their opinions and perspectives.

Before you begin to defend your position and correct any misconceptions about your life and career, ask yourself one question:

2. Will they be open-minded and receptive or do you think they will continue to believe whatever they choose to believe?

There may be a good chance that spending your time trying to change someone else’s opinion or convince them to believe in what you’re doing won’t give you the result you’re hoping for.

If your family wants to see you for who you are, they will. Does this mean you shouldn’t make any effort? No, but I highly recommend paying close attention to how much energy you choose to put toward defending your dream.

Instead, double down on your efforts to be the best version of yourself on your own terms. Focus on self-acceptance instead of hoping to gain it from someone else. Other people are going to do what they are going to do… and so are you!

3. Remember that achieving your goals takes time, action and perseverance

Taking action in service of your dream is your choice to make and no one else’s… whether your future turns out the way you expect or not.

Maybe you are afraid that if you act despite other people’s warnings, and being a life coach doesn’t work out, that you will have proved them right.

Let’s explore this way of thinking a bit more…

Very few highly-successful people succeeded on their first try, and their setbacks didn’t prove anything.

Some great examples would be Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

If those that had come before you had seen their challenges as proof that other people were right about them, they wouldn’t be the successes we now know them to be.

Instead, highly-successful people understand that life is a journey, and there’s no rule that says they need to make their journey look how others think it should look.

life is a journey compass

Even when it’s looked like their doubters’ predictions have been accurate, highly-successful people never allowed obstacles, challenges or failures define them.

People who are highly successful also understand that by simply staying on the path toward their dream, they are already succeeding!

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4. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by your family’s fears

If you have people in your life who depend on your decisions, you can help to ease their minds by acknowledging that their worries are valid.

Sometimes, all it takes for someone to feel better is to know that they are heard and understood.

Then take it one step further: Invite your loved ones to step into the realm of possibility with you.

What dreams do they have that are bigger than their fears?

How will you becoming a life coach help them to create the lives they love living?

What dream can your whole family share that will give all of you the hope, motivation and faith to overcome your old fears and patterns of belief, so you can build the future you want together?

5. Remember that YOU are truly the only one who really knows what you’re here to give and contribute through the work you do in the world

Today, just for a moment, I’d love to encourage you to ask yourself this question:

“What if, this next year, I could actually become a successful life coach who helps empower others to create lives they love living?”

What would your life look like then? Visualize it!

And when you hear the voices of doubt, fear or criticism chiming in, tune it out, and tune only to possibilities.

Avoid asking yourself what you would do if circumstances were different, and allow yourself to really explore the what it would feel like to coach and mentor others.

Answer these questions from a place where there are no limiting circumstances – where time, money, and the opinions of others are not factors.

In the answer to these questions, you will find your truth.

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6 Responses to How to Thrive In The Presence of Family Criticism


    Im 67 in September, and my youngest daughter recently got married. She has been l8ving with me for all her life.she has a form of autism. She has changed sinced she got married.i was suppose to live with them when they get their own place. Because now they say no way they dont like my lifestyle. Im frightened to live alone

  2. Dave says:

    One thing that seems to be constant across all spectrums the human condition no matter the endeavors i.e. team sports,light infantry units and especially in the bedroom the gratification of other participants. According to the catechism of the Catholic church and Judeo Christian teaching each of the three theological virtues, faith hope and charity not only sustain your very empowering or self actualizing opportunities, it’s corroborated evidence. In fact another great leader comes to mind whom a litany of comparisons easily drawn. The man who changed college football, the despondent and ostracized by society and prominent world leaders the late DK Royal football coach and world war II veteran of the university of Texas longhorns. Quote” that the measure of a man / woman is how well they treat those who can never do anything for them”. Thank you and let me make this perfectly clear your defiantly in that class. hook em coach

  3. john m razi says:

    very well-done piece !

  4. Muskaan Gogia says:

    Nice guidance.
    Thank you so much for reminding me to focus on my path and persue my goals.

  5. Ben Benita says:

    Tell your Hater/Naysayers to send you their address.

    Mail them a bag of popcorn with a note that reads:

    “…sit back and enjoy the show!!!”

    Few things in life feel better than telling someone “See…I told you I could do it!!!”

  6. Loa says:

    If your family is extremely dysfunctional then this makes no sense to me. Avoid them at all costs….if you need them, then separate after your needs are met.

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