Take a moment to ask yourself: if you’re a coach, how do you feel when you aren’t coaching, or at least seeking, clients?

Do you think of yourself as a Life Coach? A businessperson? A teacher?

Did you know that thinking that way can be dangerous?

Is a businessperson still worthwhile when they aren’t doing business, or a teacher when she isn’t teaching?

The objective answer is obviously, “Yes,” but do you FEEL that way?

When you take time for yourself instead of working on your business, how do you feel about it? Do you feel guilty or unworthy, especially if you didn’t get everything you planned to do done?

If you struggle to feel good about yourself when you’re not accomplishing something or filling your day with work, I want you to keep reading, because today I’m going to help you escape that trap.

It starts by knowing who you are, and why you’re worth what you’re worth.

You aren’t a Life Coach. Yes, you coach people, but that isn’t the definition of who you are. You are not, first and foremost, a teacher or a businessperson.

You are YOU.

Is that enough?

If you’re building a coaching career and still want to maintain your balance, health and joy, you need to be able to claim and love your identity separate from your work.

You need to remember that YOU are worth loving and taking care of, no matter what you have or have not accomplished today.

How are you treating yourself, or letting yourself be treated?

When you’re behind schedule, and you need to decide between a semi-necessary task or taking care of your body, which do you choose?

Is the task more important than you are? Are you unworthy of self-care if you aren’t meeting your deadlines?

And when people offer to support you in some way, do you accept their offer? Or do you think it would be an imposition, or that you don’t have time to receive what they want to give you?

Regardless of what is happening in your business, you need to treat yourself like the precious jewel you are. If you aren’t able to receive kindness from yourself, the door to all kindness in your life will be closed, because you won’t be able to receive it from anybody else.

It’s OK if you don’t get everything done.

When you’re doing everything yourself, every little task seems necessary. It’s easy to feel that if you aren’t getting everything done, then you aren’t taking enough action in your business, and you don’t deserve to thrive.

But sometimes, you need to know when to prioritize your tasks, which ones to delay or delegate, and how to use the time you free up to truly take care of yourself.

You need to be able to feel good about your decision to put yourself first, and to have faith that you don’t need to take all the possible actions, as long as you’re taking the right ones.

This advice will not destroy your business.

I’ve seen it over and over again. People who thought they had no time for self-care, started treating their needs as a priority, and began being more selective about the tasks on which they spent their precious minutes and hours. And instead of doing worse in their business, they actually thrived.

Their increased health and vibrancy let them make better impressions on clients and business contacts, and their improved levels of focus and joy helped them to complete their tasks in a fraction of the time.

You CAN create the time and self-love you want, AND still build a thriving coaching practice.

You just need to know how.

If you’re ready to stop defining yourself by your performance, and start showing yourself the love and kindness you deserve, I want to help.

I can show you how to create the time you need for self-care, feel GOOD about taking time for yourself, and still build your business faster than you did in the past.

Your health and happiness will increase, and you’ll be able to focus more and complete your tasks in less time, so you’ll still get more done than you were when you spent too much time on your business!

To discover how to build a coaching practice that lets you enjoy your life, just scroll up and fill out the form on the right, and a member of my team will be in touch soon.


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