When a Life Coach is first starting out, one of the most difficult things they need to do is to select a “niche market.”

You’ve probably found yourself in this position: you know you have the skills to help everyone, and the last thing you want to do is miss out on potential clients or leave people without the help they need.

But as long as you’re trying to market to everyone, your message will be diluted, unclear and ineffective. Your potential clients won’t be sure that your services can meet their particular needs, so either consciously or subconsciously, they’re likely to choose to pass you by in favor of someone who more clearly specializes in helping people like them.

Because of this, it’s much better to BE the person who specializes in helping a specific group of people, so that when those people find you, they’re more likely to choose you as their coach.

But what if you get pigeonholed into serving a specific niche, and have to turn away people who don’t fit in it?

Don’t worry. The truth is, that this is very unlikely to happen. You see, in many cases, your niche will pick itself.

To understand what I mean by that, ask yourself these questions:

  • When people ask you for advice, what demographic do they tend to fall into?
  • What specific type of advice do they ask for the most often?
  • What is the area where you feel the best equipped to give advice?

Choosing a niche isn’t an act of arbitrarily picking a group of people and ignoring the rest. It’s recognizing who you’re best suited to serve, and understanding that the majority of your clients will come from that group – so why not focus the bulk of your marketing on attracting them?

Other people will come to you.

Even if your marketing is tailored to women in their 40s and 50s, young men will still come to you.

A coach who specializes in training six-figure business owners will still get the occasional start-up entrepreneur who’s ready to give it their all.

The people who need you will come to you, and those who would be a good fit for you will resonate with your message even if it appears to be tailored to somebody else.

You can always change your target audience.

If you find that you don’t enjoy working with the people you’re marketing to, or you get more or better clients from a niche besides the one you’ve been focusing on, you can always re-brand yourself.

Yes, it does take some effort, but many people have done it. If you need to, you can too.

Write your niche in pencil, knowing you can always erase and rewrite it later, and once you’ve chosen that niche, tailor your marketing to them and watch your business grow.

I can help you determine who to target and what to say to them.

I’ve created a seven-figure coaching business from the ground up, and I can help you to decide who you’re best suited to serve.

Together, we’ll discover your unique mission and the people you were put on Earth to help, and I’ll help you determine what to say to them so that they’re drawn to you.

If you’ve been struggling to attract clients because you don’t know who to market to, just scroll up and fill out the form on the right, and my team will tell you everything you need to know about the mentor-ship process.

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