Today I wanted to talk to you about your coaching mindset. Mindset is something you need to pre-determine, so that you can convey it to your coaching client.

What does that mean?

Mindset means that you start with an idea of what you are going to pay attention to as you coach your clients, IN ADVANCE.

I always talk about the number one rule of spiritual transformation, and it applies here, “Pay attention to what you are paying attention to.”

Let’s say you have a new coaching client, and they have come in the door all fired up to work with you, but they have a BIG story about their lack of money.

And the story goes back to their childhood, and their parents, and their dog, and how they lost the spelling bee in the fourth grade, and, and, and…

It will be tempting for you to pay attention to their story! It will be tempting to try and reason them out of their story. And they will really, REALLY want to drag you into their story.

But their story is not what to pay attention to.

Because here’s the key:

What you should be paying attention to and believing in is your client’s POTENTIAL.

They are paying you to believe in them and their dreams!

And what you know is that you have got to get them off that frequency of that old story in order to help them realize their dreams. (Don’t let them rehearse any old stories because that re-enforces old paradigms.)

By being a coach, you are looking for the transformations that keep clients invested in your programs, and reaching for their best selves.

They are going to have to become someone new in order to get new results! And you are their guide.

You win with this in a big way, because by paying attention to your client’s potential, they will achieve more success because you believe that they can!

That’s so important it’s worth repeating:

Your clients will achieve more because you believe in them and not their old stories.

So that is the mindset to take on and go into every coaching call, speaking gig, and seminar with.

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  1. Good To Okay. Being Healed Already. Amen

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