Stronger Than Circumstances

How to Tell if Heart-Centered Coaching is Your Dream Career

Are you meant to be a life coach? Download the eBook below and get a clear understanding of what life coaching is and is not.

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In Are You Meant to be a Life Coach? How to Tell if Heart-Centered Coaching is Your Dream Career, you’ll discover:

  • What a life coach is exactly, and how to determine if becoming one is the right decision for you
  • How YOU have the power to change hundreds (or even thousands!) of lives as a life coach
  • How becoming a life coach can affect your life in positive ways
  • What it takes to become a coach
  • The tools and knowledge you need to quickly create a profitable life coaching business
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Over 40 Years of Professional Life Coaching Secrets Revealed

Mary Morrissey is the founder and owner of Brave Thinking Institute®, the world’s premier training center for transformational life coaching that blends spiritual principles with practical real-world application.

Mary Morrissey

As a world-renowned inspirational speaker, author, master coach and founder of several multi-million dollar businesses, Mary has spent over four decades empowering tens of thousands of individuals in achieving new heights of spiritual aliveness, abundance and authentic success.

Each year, Mary and her faculty of experts train, mentor and certify hundreds of people of all ages, and from all walks of life, in how to effectively coach others and build a successful, difference-making life coaching business.