Stronger Than Circumstances Book
Stronger Than Circumstances Book

How to Tell if Heart-Centered Coaching is Your Dream Career

Are you meant to be a life coach? Download the eBook below and get a clear understanding of what life coaching is and is not.

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Here’s what you’re going to discover in
“Are You Meant to be a Life Coach?”

In “Are You Meant to be a Life Coach? How to Tell if Heart-Centered Coaching is Your Dream Career”, I reveal:

  • What a life coach is, and how to determine if becoming one is the right decision for your life
  • How you can change hundreds (or even thousands!) of lives as a life coach
  • How becoming a life coach affects your life
  • What it takes to become a coach
  • How to get the tools and knowledge you need to create a profitable life coaching business

I’ll start by giving you a clear understanding of what a coach is and is not, along with what you’d be doing as a professional certified coach.

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Over 40 Years of Professional Life Coaching Secrets Revealed

I wanted to develop my 40 years of research and teaching experience into a system that takes dreams from the invisible state to the visible state, from wishes and hopes to tangible results.

And then, I wanted to train and certify other coaches to use that system, so that they too could help create a ripple of change, and realize dreams, across the whole world.


What IS a Life Coach and Should You Be One?


Your Impact on the World


The Effects of Coaching on YOUR Life


What it Takes to Become a Coach


How to Create World Changing Lucrative Success as a Coach

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