What Certified Life Coach Coaches Say About Life Mastery Institute

A Few Recent Life Coach Success Stories

The Life Mastery Institute has certified hundreds of life coaches who are living their purpose, earning a living and making a great impact in the world!

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Rochelle Martin

  • Within 2 days of the live training she had a strategy session with a new prospect based on our prescribed client-attraction method
  • She had never offered life coaching or asked someone to become a client before
  • She read the strategy session script and asked the questions we provided for her
  • Before she ended her script, her potential client said “Sounds great! When do we start?”
  • She had her first one-on-one client for $2,400 within the first week of leaving the training

Cynthia Cavalcanti

  • On the plane ride home, shared that she was a certified DreamBuilder Coach with the people sitting beside her
  • They wanted to hear about what “DreamBuilder Coaching” was all about
  • Between LAX and Oakland airport she had two paying clients before she landed!
  • She set up her first life coaching workshop shortly thereafter – and had 40 people enrolled at $1,000 each!
  • Within the first four months of receiving her life coach training she’d earned over $64,000!

Marilyn Macha

  • After becoming a certified life coach she told her friend, who was a travel agent, that she was a speaker and a life coach.  Her friend asked her to speak and host a workshop on an upcoming Mediterranean cruise.
  • She held a 3-part seminar and obtained a private one-on-one life coaching client. She not only got a cruise for free, but walked away with over $2,400 in new clients.

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