Spiritual Life Coaching: What Is It and Is It For Me?

Discover Your True Purpose, Connect With Your Higher Self, and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to truly have it all? They earn abundant incomes, take long family vacations, thoroughly enjoy what they do and have more energy than most. Do you long to be in that group?

Are you searching for your true purpose in life, while spending your time on things that you know you’re NOT meant to do?

If so, it’s time for things to change!

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What I’m about to tell you literally saved my life.
(a story from Life Mastery Institute founder, Mary Morrissey)

When I was still in my teens, there was no such thing as a kidney transplant. So when the doctors discovered that one of my kidneys had been utterly destroyed, and the other was 50% ruined, it was a death sentence.

I had only six months to live. At best.

At the time, I thought there was no hope for me. My condition was incurable, and I was going to die, without ever having fulfilled my purpose on Earth.

But then, while I was lying in my hospital bed, a chaplain came to my room and told me something that changed my life forever. She said,

“Mary, everything is created twice. In fact, you already know this. Everyone knows it. You just don’t know the power of knowing it. The bed you’re laying in, the nightgown you’re wearing, the sheets covering you, the wall, the ceiling, all this machinery... they were first thoughts before they could become things.”

She went on to explain to me that everything that comes into being starts with a thought. Just as thinking about embarrassing moments makes our cheeks turn red, and thinking about something frightening makes our hearts race, the way we think about our lives causes tangible effects in our circumstances.

butterfly growth

Then the woman asked me a question that altered my life forever. She asked,

“Could you believe that we could say a prayer that would sweep all of the toxicity in your body into your bad kidney, and when the doctors remove it, all of the toxicity in your body will be removed with it?”

I told her no, I didn’t believe it. But I knew that SHE believed it and that I knew I could hold onto her belief.

“That’s all we need,” she replied. “One corner of your mind open to the possibility.

She prayed over me, and left... and the next day, the doctors removed my ruined kidney, and told me that the less damaged one wasn’t as bad as they had originally thought. “Only time will tell,” they said. But it gave me hope.

Over the next few days, I began to get better and better, until I was completely cured. I eventually became a "medical anomaly," because there was no way the doctors could explain what happened! Needless to say, this caught my attention in a HUGE way. If a girl with a death sentence could be cured within weeks, what else was possible in my life and the lives of the people around me?

That’s how I discovered my purpose and was eventually called to become a spiritual life coach.

I became passionate about helping people to claim their power to create the lives they want, and to find their own purposes, so they could know what they were meant to do with the incredible abilities I helped them to unlock.

spiritual life coach mary morrissey

Life Mastery Institute founder, Mary Morrissey

So what is a spiritual life coach?

A spiritual coach is someone who helps you to:

1. Become clear about your purpose and core desires.

Many times, people aren’t completely sure what they’re meant to do, or what would make them happy. They have some ideas about things they’d like, but they don’t know how to create real, lasting joy and meaning in their lives.

This type of life coach helps you to get crystal clear on what you want, what you’re passionate about and what kind of impact you want to make in the world.

2. Form a concrete, actionable plan, and gives you the tools to making sure it succeeds.

Once you know what you want, whether you already know it right now or you discover it during your coaching session, your coach will help you to determine the course of action that will bring you to that goal. And, more importantly, they’ll teach you about the invisible laws that govern whether or not you will succeed.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people seem to be able to create success almost effortlessly, even if their goals initially seemed impossible; whereas others continue to struggle for years without making headway. What’s the difference?

The difference is, the successful ones use the spiritual laws that govern the creation of all results in the Universe (like the Law of Attraction) in their favor, while the ones who stay stuck ignore these laws or accidentally use them against themselves.

A good spiritual life coach can explain to you how these principles work, and how to make sure that they’re working FOR you instead of against you.

obstacle locked fence

3. Discover the obstacles that are secretly holding you back.

Many of us long to live better, more expanded lives, and to have an impact on those around us. But part of us also clings to whatever feels familiar and safe.

As you start to move toward the life of your dreams, your old habits, fears and beliefs will rush to try to hold you back, using an amazing array of subtle tactics to protect the status quo.

There will be distractions that tempt you to leave your most important projects for tomorrow, doubts that drain your confidence and slow your progress to a halt, habits that cause your efforts to be ineffective, and fears that lead you to hold back, concealing your light and power, leaving you unable to give it your all.

A spiritual life coach helps you to discover these obstacles, even if you’re unable to see them yourself, and form a plan for moving past them so that you can move toward your ideal life full-steam ahead, instead of making slow progress, or none at all.

Frequently asked questions about spiritual life coaching

If “spiritual life coaching” is a new term for you, you may have a few questions. The following are some of the most common questions that we hear at Life Mastery Institute™.

“Is a spiritual coach like a self-help book?”

No. Unlike self-help books, life coaches don’t give you one-size-fits-all advice, or a pile of information that you’re left to digest and implement on your own. Instead, we help you create a plan that’s tailored to your purpose and desires, and support you through every step of the journey as you put it into action.

We also provide accountability, which helps you to stay “in action” even when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated.

That way, instead of getting a lot of advice, not knowing how to use it all, and putting it on the shelf, you can get all your questions answered, start taking action right away, and make fast, consistent progress toward your purpose and your dreams.

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“Is spirituality-based life coaching like therapy?”

No. A therapist’s role is to help you focus on and review the patterns from your past, analyze where you may be feeling hurt or fearful, and help you move past these patterns and feelings so that they are no longer affecting you in the present.

A life coach helps you stand on the shoulders of everything you’ve learned from your past, whether easy or difficult, and to learn from those experiences (like how to take responsibility for your actions without feeling shame).

Then a life coach will have you look at what you’d love your life to look like a year from now, or three years from now, so they can help you transform your current results into the results you would love to have in your life, often using evocative coaching methods.

A life coach’s primary role is not to listen to you retell the painful stories of your past. You may occasionally share some of your past pain, and of course, that’s part of the process...
But their primary role is to help you design a life that you truly love living, and then to help you turn that life into your living, breathing reality.

“What kinds of problems does a spiritual life coach solve?”

The universal laws of success are just that – universal. Just like gravity pulls everything, the laws we teach apply to any problem you’re struggling with, whether it’s…

  • Being stuck in a job that you KNOW isn’t what you were meant to do
  • Difficulty finding a soulmate with whom to share your journey
  • An ongoing struggle to make ends meet, when you’d rather be creating wealth
  • Chronic illness or repeated, mysterious health problems
  • Confusion about your true purpose, and a feeling of being aimless and uninspired
  • A busy, stressful lifestyle, and a to-do list that never seems to get smaller
  • Feelings of victimhood, despair, self-criticism, fear and self-doubt that hold you back from creating the life of your dreams
  • Or anything else that’s keeping you unhappy, stuck, or living a life that’s less than you desire

hitting the bullseye with spiritual coaching

Working with a spiritual life coach

“What benefits do I get from working with a spiritual coach?”

When you know how to use the invisible, infallible, universal principles of success, everything becomes easier.

You’re able to get in touch with your true, core self and the wisdom of your intuition, so you can discover your purpose, notice opportunities that you otherwise might have missed and avoid obstacles that would have blocked you in the past.

The people, circumstances, abilities and resources you desire come to you easily, because all your power is turned toward attracting them instead of working against your growth or being limited by fears, doubts or a lack of knowledge.

The Law of Attraction works in your favor, so instead of attracting a parade of problems, challenges and limitations, you start to attract blessings and successes that never seemed possible before.

Difficulties that have been repeating themselves in your life for years finally go away, and once you know how to create the results you want instead of the ones you don’t want, you’ll be equipped to create ANYTHING you want in your life, anytime you want it.

Whether you’re looking to create:

  • A profitable business or career that centers around your purpose and passion
  • A loving soulmate relationship with a mature, passionate, supportive partner
  • Vibrant health and an attractive body that you LOVE living in
  • A lifestyle you love waking up to in the morning
  • Or anything else that you’ve been struggling for years to make real

...you’ll learn how to make it a reality, faster than you ever thought possible.

spiritual life coach training plan

“How does the spiritual coaching process work?”

Different certified spiritual life coaches have different methods, but our process involves weekly videos and/or audios, with workbooks to go with them, and weekly coaching calls that help you to put the material in the videos and audios to use.

Each week, you watch a video or listen to an audio lesson, complete any exercises that are involved, and then put that week’s teachings into action. If any questions come up while you’re going through the material or working on an action step, you can bring them up on the coaching call to get personalized coaching.

“How much does a spiritual life coach cost?”

In short, investing in a spiritual life coach costs far less than the price of living a life that’s less than you were meant to live.

More specifically, life coaches often offer several packages depending on the situation, ranging from less than a hundred dollars to a few thousand. Which one you choose depends on your needs and budget.

Common objections about hiring a spiritual life coach

“What if I don’t have time for a life coach?”

In my 40+ years of coaching and mentoring others to transform their dreams into their results, I’ve discovered that we always have more time than we think – we just don’t know how to free up that time. And that’s one thing that a spiritual life coach can help you do.

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. So how is it that some people manage to run businesses, take care of their families, and still have the ability to take time for themselves, while others can barely manage any of those things?

I’ve been doing the former for years, and I’d love to show you how!

life coach tips mary morrissey

But what about in the meantime? While you’re still learning how to free up your time, are you going to get overwhelmed in the interim?

Let me share another secret I’ve discovered: We have time for the things that we make time for.

If you felt yourself having a heart attack right now, I’m sure you would somehow find a way to make time to go to the emergency room. Maybe a few of your other tasks would slide, but surprisingly enough... that wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Are you prepared to prioritize your dreams, your future and your happiness the way you would prioritize a heart attack? It turns out, the two are equally important; simply surviving your whole life without ever living the life you want is the same as a slow death.

A spiritual life coach can show you how to prioritize your tasks so that the things you truly want to do get done, but you’re no longer wasting your precious life on things that don’t bring you growth, wealth, progress or happiness. They can also show you how to make the tasks you’re already doing take less time, so you actually SAVE more time by working on them.

“How long does it take for a spiritual life coach to get results?”

That largely depends on you. Spiritual life coaches can show you how to use the principles of success and create an action plan to connect to your purpose and build the life of your dreams. But how much action you take, how fast you take it and how consistently you apply the principles you learn is entirely up to you.

How fast is it POSSIBLE to start getting results? Here are a couple of people I’ve worked with – I’ll let them do the talking.

“Do I need a spiritual life coach?”

If you still aren’t sure whether you need a spiritual life coach, you may want to check to see if any one of these is showing up in your life:

  1. You feel restless and disconnected from your true self and purpose, and it seems like your life is passing you by.
  2. You’re unhappy, unfulfilled and uninspired, and you aren’t sure what would bring you joy.
  3. The same problem or set of problems is repeating itself over and over in your life.
  4. You have a dream or goal that you desperately want to accomplish, but no matter how hard you work for it, it always seems to be out of reach.
  5. The life you desire seems impossible under your current circumstances.
  6. You’re buried under a to-do list full of things that you really DON’T want to do.
  7. Your lifestyle is leaving you burned out, unhappy and unhealthy.
  8. You’re struggling to attract love into your life, and feel lonely, unwanted and unsupported as a result.
  9. You long for a more connected relationship with family and friends who make you feel supported, respected and cherished.

If any of these is true for you, a spiritual life coach can help you to overcome the obstacles in your path, and create the life that you’ve been longing to live.

Choosing a spiritual life coach

There are a lot of spiritual life coaches out there, but not all of them have the training or skills to help you.

Here are a few of the must-haves you should look for in a life coach. If they don’t have all of these qualifications, look for a coach who does.

1. Their teaching methods have systems for learning, implementation and support.

Many teachers ONLY have a system for learning, and this sets their students and clients up for failure. You see, without a system for implementation, spiritual life coaching is little better than a self-help book, because it doesn’t tell you how to put its lessons to use.

You end up understanding the principles in theory, but without a practical system for implementing them into your life, they become “shelf-help,” something you put on the back burner and never actually get around to using in a way that creates meaningful change.

Here’s the truth: Your subconscious mind will always fear change. It will use doubts, distractions, fear, discouragement and any method it can come up with to make things stay the same.

This is why it’s a good practice to surround yourself with others who believe in and encourage you. Creating a group of supporters who have your best interests at heart and have a strong belief in you even when you do not, will help propel you to achieve your dreams. Your purpose is to reciprocate this support by believing in your supporters and holding them in high regard.

Think about the people who start working on their dreams, only to give up part way through. These people were probably trying to go it alone, thinking their willpower could pull them through, only to discover that it wasn’t enough.

life coach tips faculty

2. You like their teaching style.

If you don’t resonate with your teacher’s style, you won’t be able to learn from them. They could give you the best advice in the world, but if you don’t enjoy working with them, part of your brain will automatically shut off, and you won’t be able to fully absorb or implement anything they say.

3. They or their methods have a proven record of success.

Many people don’t realize what it takes to be a spirituality-based life coach, so they start up a business only to discover that they don’t really understand how to coach their clients.

Make sure to look for a program that has a long track record of training and empowering highly successful coaches. The proof of an effective coaching program is in the successful coaches they've trained. At Life Mastery Institute, we’ve trained and certified thousands of life coaches all over the world who are enjoying thriving life coaching businesses and transforming lives in the process.

And if you feel a calling inside you to become a heart-centered, spiritual life coach – or an inner voice nudging you in that direction, then keep reading to find out if this profession is right for you!

spiritual life coaching training people

Do you feel called to be a spiritual life coach?

If becoming a spiritual life coach sounds like your dream career, then it’s a good idea to know exactly what this rewarding professional path entails.

Spiritual life coaching may be the ideal career path for you if:

  • You love helping others – You feel a deep sense of fulfillment in helping people achieve their goals or overcome obstacles in their life.
  • You’re passionate about spiritual principles – You have a strong desire to learn, apply and mentor others in how to apply spiritual, transformational principles.
  • You long to make a positive impact in the world – You desire to help others create purpose-driven lives they love, ones that are in alignment with their souls’ yearning, so that you can help make the world a better place.

If this sounds like you, then I’ve got wonderful news… you’re in the right place!

And allow me to let you in on a little secret about that ‘nudge’ you’ve been feeling to become a spiritual life coach…

I can tell you from personal experience, and nearly every one of our Life Mastery Institute certified coaches would tell you the same thing…

That nudge you’ve been feeling will NOT go away. It’s only going to get stronger until you say YES to it!


Because this nudge is linked to your higher purpose. It’s your soul’s way of guiding you to your true calling in life – which is empowering others to achieve their dreams and create lives they truly love living.

We may not know one another personally yet, but I know you want to live a soulful, purposeful and fulfilling life.

Think about it…

People seek you out for advice and you’re good at helping them find solutions. They leave conversations with you feeling encouraged and inspired, because your ability to help them is your unique gift!

finding life coach program

Selecting the right spiritual life coaching certification program

Exploring life coaching certification programs can be exhausting, especially if you’re not sure what to look for!

The following is a list of essential criteria for choosing the right life coaching certification program for you – one that will provide you with all of the tools, systems and support to become the successful, life-changing coach you want to be.

1. Core values and culture

First things first: Find a culture that’s a match for you – not a culture you have to adapt to. Read through their mission statement and core values. Do both align with what's important to you?

For example, here at Life Mastery Institute, our mission is to empower people to create and live a life they love and we do that with the following core values:

  1. We believe in people. We know that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition.
  2. We believe in love and care. We bring sincere love and care to every interaction. We delight and surprise our clients and each other by anticipating wants and seeking to exceed expectations
  3. We believe in integrity. We live what we teach. We deliver what we promise.
  4. We believe in fun. We create joy, laughter and fun in all aspects of our lives and work.
  5. We believe in growth. We grow by achieving our goals and exceeding our best.

Finding a culture that’s aligned with your own core values can have a huge impact on performance, enable you to be a stronger and more capable coach, and ultimately get you the results you want.

2. Coaching training & curriculums

As a new coach, it can be very difficult to know what to teach (and when) in order to help clients continue to move toward their desired results. That’s why it’s important to find a coaching certification program that teaches you a proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation that has a track record of producing results for clients.

As you look for the right coaching certification program, feel free to use these questions to guide you:

  1. Is the methodology proven? What kind of track record does this methodology have?
  2. Is it repeatable? Does it rely heavily on a specific individual’s skill sets or can it be easily learned and implemented?
  3. Is the methodology flexible? Can you adapt it to fit your strengths, specialties and personality?
  4. Are curriculums for clients provided for you? Or do you have to create them?
  5. Can you expand your own work beyond the provided curriculums?

At Life Mastery Institute, we’ve perfected a coaching curriculum with thousands of one-on-one clients, tens of thousands of group coaching clients, and tens of thousands of large event attendees. We provide a proven marketing plan, and teach our students how to build their businesses from the ground up. This curriculum guarantees rapid, consistent and measurable results.

spiritual life coaches

3. Business development training/tools

Business without an economic engine is merely a hobby – and spiritual life coaching is a business. However, most certification programs only offer coaching training. But the truth is, you may know how to be the best spiritual life coach in the world, but if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business and you can’t help very many people.

So, when exploring coaching certification programs, keep these questions in mind:

  • How do you attract clients?
  • How do you enroll them into a program after you attract them?
  • How do you set up your business so that it’s safe and secure?

At Life Mastery Institute, we’ve built a robust certification program that gives you marketing training/scripts, enrollment training/scripts, business development training, speaker training and EVERYTHING ELSE you need to build a thriving coaching business.

Look for a certification program that provides you with business development training and all the tools you’ll need to be successful. This is such a critical part of helping you make a difference in the lives of other people, and thrive – so you can keep doing it!


4. Quality of trainers

WHO you learn from is just as important as WHAT you’re learning. When looking for the perfect certification program, find out who will be training you on coaching strategies, business development, etc.

An important note here: Certification training programs are ONLY as good as those who deliver the training. Many training certifications allow coaches to take an additional course to become your “mentor” with no real world experience.

The faculty at Life Mastery Institute are world-renowned and highly sought-after experts in fields such as:

  • Marketing
  • Enrollment
  • Business and leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Transformative coaching

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a life coaching certification program, ask about the education and experience requirements of the faculty.

5. Training delivery strategy

There are two very important questions to consider when it comes to your training.

1. How do you receive your training?

Some certifications are 100% self-study and online. The problem with this method of training is that it’s usually difficult to get your questions answered quickly. In addition, live, in-person training is not included.

There are several advantages to in-person training, including but not limited to networking opportunities, engagement, discussion and immediate problem solving. That said, make sure that whatever certification program you are looking into has:

  • Live immersion trainings
  • Online workshops/teleclasses
  • Online training
  • Self-study

Each of these methods provides different benefits AND engages your brain differently. They are all important.

how long does it take to get certified as a life coach

2. What is the timeline to certification?

Some coaching certification programs take one year, two years or more to be fully certified and able to build your coaching business. There is nothing wrong with this, however, think about whether you really want to wait 1-2 years to begin building your coaching business. Knowing that it takes time to build a business, it could be 2-4 years before you gain real momentum.

Are you considering becoming a certified life coach now so that you can live your dream in three or four years? Or are you looking for a faster path?

At Life Mastery Institute, we’re committed to getting you started as fast as possible, which is why, when you book a Strategy Session with a Program Expert, they’ll go over the types of programs that are available and determine which one is the best fit for you.

6. Ongoing support

Remember to think ahead to what happens AFTER you’re certified. Imagine that you’ve started your spiritual life coaching business. What happens when you experience one or more of the following scenarios:

  • You get nervous before talking to a potential client.
  • You have a client who’s having problems and you are not sure what to do.
  • You’re ready to start marketing and have questions on building an email list or social media following.
  • A client finishes a program and says, “What’s next?”
  • Your client wants help but is struggling to make a decision, and you’d like guidance on what to say and do.

These are some of the many situations that may come up while coaching clients. They can be scary, but only IF you’re all alone. And unfortunately, with many certification programs, you’re on your own after you’re certified, which is why ongoing support is SO important.

At Life Mastery Institute, once you’re certified, you receive LIVE online support from our expert faculty twice a week in a private group so you can ask questions and receive guidance, as well as the opportunity for additional training.


Spiritual life coach training with Life Mastery Institute

At Life Mastery Institute, you’ll learn how to become a highly successful coach. This means:

  • You follow a proven path for helping your clients generate extraordinary results in their lives.
  • Your coaching practice provides for your financial needs… in abundance.
  • You live every single day with a sense of empowerment and satisfaction because you’re in alignment with your soul’s purpose of helping others.

If you know you’re ready to invest in achieving your dream, go ahead and get started now.

Whether you’re considering a career in spiritual life coaching for the very first time, and you want to make sure that this is the right career path for you….

Or if you’re already a certified life coach, having been certified elsewhere, but haven’t been able to make the impact and earn the kind of abundant income that you would love… and you’re wondering what’s missing from your success equation...

Your next best step is to request a FREE Strategy Session with a member of our team who has been personally trained by me.

During your free Strategy Session, you will:

  1. Receive The Coaching Success Blueprint: 7 Steps for Creating Impact, Income & Independence that reveals insider secrets and best practices for growing a profitable life coaching business.
  2. Create a clear vision for your career and life goals.
  3. Formulate an action plan for the specific changes you’d like to make.
  4. Determine if you’re a good fit for Life Mastery Institute – and if we’re a good fit for you. You’ll also get a chance to ask any questions you may still have that we haven’t answered in this article.

You’ll also receive some steps you can take immediately to move in the direction of your dreams right now!

And, if we ARE a good fit for you, and coming through our training is your next indicated step, then the team member who is leading your Strategy Session can personally walk you through the registration process right over the phone. It’s very simple!

Most people come out of this free Strategy Session feeling uplifted, inspired, motivated and confident about their life and goals.

So what are you waiting for? Request your FREE Strategy Session and Business-Building Blueprint now by clicking the button below:

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