How Amanda Earned $18,000 Within Just 30 Days of Becoming a Certified Life Coach, and Cynthia Enrolled Her First Two Clients on Her Way Home from Her Life Coach Certification Training

One of the greatest benefits of being a heart-centered, transformational life coach is that you can earn income doing work that is truly meaningful to you and the world.

But just how much income can you earn per month, and how quickly can you get there?

The right answer to that question is, “It depends!”

The amount of money you can earn as a life coach depends on the system you’re trained in, how willing you are to engage in the training, and how you apply the training when it comes to enrolling clients.

How to Tell if Life Coaching is Your Dream Career

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When you think of life coaching as a career, it’s common to imagine yourself sitting next to or across from someone, and having really powerful moments as you coach that person. These are the moments that tend to draw most people to a career in life coaching!

But here’s something else that comes as part of running your own life coaching business – having conversations with people who aren’t yet clients! People who are interested in working with you, including what your coaching packages entail and what the investment is going to be.

As part of the training at Life Mastery Institute, we help people understand what we call the “economic engine of a highly successful coaching business.”

As with any business, part of running your own successful life coaching business is knowing how to attract and enroll potential clients.

Once you have been trained in how to do both of these things in a meaningful and authentic way, there’s truly no cap on the number of lives you can touch, and how much income you can make, as a life coach!

Here are some examples of how much income you can earn as a life coach

A woman in her mid 20s named Amanda became certified as a life coach through Life Mastery Institute.

After you receive your certification, one of the next steps to building your coaching business involves making a list of 50 people you know who might be interested in having a conversation about how to take their life to the next level.

Over the next 30 days, you’re then encouraged to call every person on your list to find out how they’re doing, tell them that you were just recently certified as a life coach, and see if they’re interested in life coaching and what it could mean from them.

You’re trained to understand that some people will say yes and some people will say no, but your job isn’t to get everybody to say yes! Your job is to make sure people know they have an opportunity to work with you, if this is something that resonates with them.

So, Amanda made her list of 50 people, and she began to make phone calls. And guess what?

life coach income

Amanda earned $18,000 in her first 30 days as a life coach!

How did she do it? She was trained in how to overcome her fear over having conversations with people about working with her, replacing it with faith that these were people she could actually serve.

Amanda was brave enough to put an opportunity in front of people she knew and brave enough to ask them to take advantage of that opportunity. Sure, we trained her in how to have those kinds of conversation and which words to use… but Amanda was the one who enrolled those clients!

Fast forward a few years and Amanda’s coaching career has grown because of her willingness to seek out opportunities in which she can talk to people about what it takes to create a life they love living.

See what Amanda Loveland is doing today.

As a life coach, you must know how to have a “dream-building conversations”

Part of the life coach certification training also involves having conversations with strangers to let them know what you do and find out what they would love to have happen in their life. These are what I call “dream-building conversations!”

Whether the person wants to move forward with coaching or not, by the end of these conversations, these strangers are usually much clearer about the kind of life they’d love living.

As another example, a woman named Cynthia enrolled at Life Mastery Institute.

She went through our live certification training in Los Angeles, received her certification and created her list of 50 people she knew.

When the training ended, Cynthia hopped on a plane back to her home in Northern California, and she struck up a conversation with the person sitting next to her.

Before that flight was over, Cynthia had her very first coaching client!

When she landed in San Francisco, she hopped on the train that would take her home and ran into another stranger. They began to talk…

Cynthia eventually told the person she had just been certified as a life coach, and the stranger wanted to know more. Within a few minutes, she had enrolled her second client!

life coach earning potential

So again, Cynthia enrolled two clients before she even made it home from her live certification training… and even before she’d called anyone on her list of 50 people!

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How much can a life coach earn? It depends.

The question about how much you can earn as a life coach is
 very much governed by the answer, “It depends.”

If you’re trained in the economic engine of a highly successful coaching business, what it takes to build a coaching business, and how to be a great coach, you can earn as much as you choose.

You can also work from any place in the world you want. You have tremendous freedom, but even more than that, you’re able to help people tremendously in their lives and that’s priceless.

Amanda and Cynthia are just two examples!

Earning a great income as a life coach can be simple, and you can have a life you love living, a career that has meaning and purpose, and you can help lots and lots of people.

So if you’re considering becoming a life coach, and you want to know how much money you can earn in this profession, know this: It’s unlimited!

Would you like more support to determine if being a life coach is right for you?

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