If You Want to Become a Bigger, Better Version of Yourself, You’ve Got to Do Something You’ve Never Done.

When you want to step into a bigger arena in your life or business, there’s usually going to be a voice of doubt and fear that comes up and sounds something like:

  • “You don’t have the experience.”
  • “You’re not young enough/old enough.”
  • “You’re not an expert.”

This voice will try to thwart your progress. In fact, its job is to try to keep you in the status quo!

However, the irony here is that if you want to become a bigger, better version of yourself, then you have to do something you’ve never done.


What Makes a Person Successful If You’ve Never Been Successful Before?

What steps would you take if you WERE the bigger, better version of yourself?

One of our certified coaches here at Life Mastery Institute, Nate, had a desire to be a speaker at a specific event in front of thousands of people.

Recently, on our group call, he admitted to me that before he submitted his application to speak at the event, he had thought to himself,

“Who are you to submit yourself to a group that has thousands of people? You’ve never done this before.”

After sitting with these thoughts for a bit, Nate decided not to give up just yet. Instead, he asked himself,

“If I was the person who was going to speak at this event, what would I say on this application? How would I present myself?”

As he sat there, looking at the website to apply, he started filling out the application form with what he would write if he was the speaker who felt worthy of being on that stage. Once he was done, he thought to himself,

“Well shoot, all I have to do now is click the submit button. Why not?”

And click that button, he did.

success screen

The next day he received an email back from the event planner that read:

Thank you so much for submitting your application. This seems like a great topic. I’d love to talk to you about coming and presenting to our group.

The bottom line: Instead of letting his fears and doubts take over and discourage him from applying, Nate took the steps needed to move him in the direction of his dream of speaking on stage in front of thousands of people.

And he took those steps inch by inch.

Each small action he took led him to another small action, which eventually led him to click the “submit” button.

Those steps led to a conversation to discuss him presenting on stage at the event of his choice.

If you have a dream you’re currently working towards, but you don’t know how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, you can start by simply asking yourself,

“What would the version of me who’s actually living my dream do today?”

And then start behaving as if you’ve already achieved your dream.

Look at your current situation, circumstances or condition, and simply say to yourself,

“This is what it looks like while my vision is coming into play. It hasn’t come out yet, but it’s happening in me right now.”

Experience what it feels like to have achieved your dream – even though it hasn’t yet happened in the world of form.

Love, abundance, health and anything else you could ever want are already here, just waiting for you to tap into them more consistently.

The more you can feel them in this very moment, the more your reality will begin to mirror them back to you in a variety of ways.

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Achieving Success When You Don’t Feel Confident

So what if you don’t have the confidence to take the steps needed?

What’s interesting and challenging at the same time is that you won’t necessarily have the confidence to take the step until after you’ve taken the step.

In other words, don’t wait until you have the confidence to call the event planner or speak at the event. The confidence will come from experience.

However, before you have the confidence, you WILL need courage.

What makes a person successful is finding the courage to send that email, make that phone call, claim your spot and ultimately, speak to that group.

And finding the courage to take the steps you need to take comes down to two important practices:

1. Connect to something greater than yourself.

The calling that you have right now to make a difference and share your message to the world is, I believe, the echo of the prayers of other people asking for support.

Whether your mission is to help people increase love in their lives, to create lives they love living or to help them find their true purposes, when your mission goes beyond your own needs and wants, you’ll then have the courage to rise up to serve those who are hurting and need help and are ready to hear what you have to say.

what makes a person a success trust

2. Connect to the power within you that’s bigger than any problem you will ever face.

You and your God are bigger than any challenge you’re going to come across, any criticism you could receive or any failure that might happen. When you connect to your higher power, you will have the courage to take action in the face of any fear, doubt or worry.

A great way to make this connection is to envision yourself playing full out in the near future. Imagine what it looks and feels like to play full out. If you were living your dream, how would you respond? What action would you take? Connect to the vision of yourself taking big, bold action steps that lead to big, bold and beautiful dreams.

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