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Here’s the #1 Mistake Most Life Coaches Make That Stunts the Growth of Their Business, and Prevents Them From Making the Impact They Desire

Your goal as a life coach is to support your clients in creating extraordinary results in their lives, while doing everything you can to support the growth of your business.

Unfortunately, many life coaches make a crucial error that stunts the growth of their business. This error?

They don’t invest in hiring a coach or mentor for themselves.

You gain trust and grow your business by practicing what you teach

I truly believe that life coaching is a sacred calling. But it’s a vocation that requires continual growth and change, and in order to model this ongoing transformation for your clients, it’s important that you have a gifted and experienced mentor in your corner, too.

You could invest months, years and even decades trying to build a successful, difference-making life coaching business on your own.

But figuring this out by trial and error is actually the slowest way to grow your business, and it may even cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the process!

Think about this for a moment… why would clients invest in coaching with you if they don’t see that you, yourself, practice what you’re teaching – that you also invest in coaching to help take your life and business to the next level?

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When you’re speaking to prospective clients, it is an enormous point of trust for them to know that you also have a coach, someone who helps keep you accountable and on track personally and professionally.

Many extremely successful people have life coaches and mentors, and your ideal clients will be attracted to you because you’re practicing what you teach.

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Investing in a mentor transformed my entire life both personally and professionally, and I was able to avoid why small businesses fail through his guidance

I started studying transformational principles in 1971. A decade later, when I decided to fully commit to helping others apply these principles to their own lives, the term “life coach” wasn’t a part of common vocabulary.

In those days, if you said you were a coach, someone would say to you, “What sport?”

But as a trained educator and psychologist who had been studying and applying transformational principles, I decided to open a business that merged all of the things I had learned to date.

I was deeply committed to helping people transform their lives.

The first five years of my life coaching business were a struggle. I knew I had a calling to mentor others, but I didn’t know how to take my passion and the skills I had and turn them into an income-generating business.

Then I learned of a man who was helping others greatly, and achieving the kind of success that I wanted to achieve.

I asked him to have a conversation with me to help me understand what I was missing in my own business, and he said, “I can help you, but not just in one conversation. It’s going to take some time.”

That man was Jack Boland, an extraordinarily gifted teacher who only ever mentored three people: Wayne Dyer, Les Brown and me.

I invested in five straight years of mentorship with Jack. I would have kept investing with him, but he passed away, and so I went on to work with other mentors.

As a result of working with all of the mentors I’ve had in my life, I’ve built several multi-million dollar businesses, two of which are multi-million dollar coaching businesses established in the the lasts five years that are both serving many, many people.

Investing in coaching and mentoring is the best investment of time and money I have made, and keep making, in my life. That investment keeps yielding dividends year after year, and in turn, I attract clients who are willing to invest in themselves because I too show that I am willing to invest in my own growth.

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Be the type of client you want to attract – someone who is willing to invest in their own growth

If you want to reach the people and make the difference you know you’re here to make, I highly encourage you to invest in a coach who is highly successful, and who can help you become the best version of yourself.

A great coach and mentor will support you in making the impact and earning the income you desire, and will help you avoid the ways that small businesses fail. And of course, the more successful your business is, the more people you can serve and help.

And now, here’s a free resource for you!

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