Instead Of Focusing On How Much You Want To Earn As A Life Coach, Here’s What To Focus On Instead So That You Can Make A Difference In Your Clients’ Lives And Earn The Income You Desire

Some life coaches see clients as nothing more than dollar signs – a means to earn the type of income they desire.

As you know, this attitude is totally out of alignment with what transformational, heart-centered life coaching is all about!

The most successful, difference-making life coaches approach the work they do from a very different perspective – what I call a positive coaching mindset.

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Three steps to adopting the positive coaching mindset that will help your clients and your business thrive.

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POSITIVE COACHING MINDSET STEP #1: Ensure you’re on a “giving” vibration

In order to truly make the impact you want and build a business that provides you with the lifestyle you desire, it’s important approach your work as a life coach with an attitude of “what can I give” versus “what can I get.”

The reason for this is that we live in a giving universe.

When you vibrate at the frequency of “get,” everybody, whether they are aware of it or not, can feel that “get” energy that you’re exuding.

When you operate from a place of giving energy, on the other hand, people can feel that you’re there to help, and they will naturally open up and gravitate to you. This in turn will help you attract more clients, serve more people and generate more overall success!

POSITIVE COACHING MINDSET STEP #2: Focus on generating value first

Focus on generating value for your clients before you even consider what you’ll receive in exchange for this value. Because the truth is, if you have no real value to provide your clients, there’s nothing for them to pay you for!

So in your own mind, and in your interactions with prospective and current clients, always lead from a place of “How can I best serve you?”

Ask your potential and current clients evocative questions and really listen to what they share with you as far as how they’d love their life to be. Once you know how to best serve them, you can then help them create the results they dream of!

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It can be tempting to set hourly rates, since this is how many other consultants work, but the reality is that hourly rates are not good for your clients.

Although a client may experience a breakthrough during a session with you, most deeper transformational work simply doesn’t happen in one, two or even three sessions.

For this reason, instead of charging hourly, I highly recommend you offer your clients the opportunity to sign up for a program with you. Here’s more detailed info on explaining your life coach prices.

The program will include a set number of sessions and, depending on the curriculum to you teach from, can last for one, three or six months. In some cases, even longer!

In any case, it’s a program you will be guiding your client through over time that will give them the opportunity to do the deep work that is needed, and apply the transformational principles to their lives over time.

By means of helping others create lives they love living, you’ll create a life you love living too!

It isn’t unspiritual to love money, and desiring and earning an abundant income will only help you become better at your job as a transformational life coach. You’ll have more time, freedom and flexibility to offer your clients, to better serve them.

But the key is to lead with your love of and gift for giving, not with your desire to “get” something from your potential or current clients.

By adopting the right positive coaching mindset, you’ll be well on your way to fully serving your clients and growing a thriving life coaching business that provides you with the lifestyle you desire!

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  1. Cary says:

    Always love listening to you Mary. Have been for the last couple of years. Thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration!

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